Unplanned Pregnancy: Is Adoption for Me?

The Open Adoption Process:
First, we want to make it clear that Amaris Ministries is NOT a licensed adoption agency, nor do we feel called to become one. We are here to support women with unplanned pregnancies. At Amaris Ministries, we believe that every unborn baby has the right to life and we encourage young ladies NOT to choose abortion.

If the birth mother decides not to keep her unborn baby within the biological family, Amaris Ministries supports Open Adoption, and will help guide families through that process. Open adoption is an adoption in which the biological mother or parents and adoptive family know the identity of each other and the biological parents get to choose the adoptive family to parent their child. In open adoption, the parental rights of biological parents are terminated, as they are in "closed adoptions" and the adoptive parents become the legal parents, yet the parties elect to remain in contact. The amount of “openness” and post-placement contact in each adoption is pre-determined and agreed upon by the birth mother and the adoptive family. If the adoptive family is uncomfortable with open adoptions, open/private adoptions may not be right for them.

Did you know…

You can pick the parents who will raise your child?

You can meet them?

You can receive pictures of and letters about your child throughout his/her life?

Your child does not have to go into a foster home but can go home with his or her new parents directly from the hospital?

You can actually feel good about placing your child for adoption?

[All of these things can happen in an open independent adoption]

Adoption Vs. Abortion

Benefits of adoption over abortion…

Your Pregnancy ends with giving life.

You can give your child the gift of a loving family.

You can choose the family that will love and care for your child.

Potential for continued contact with your child through an open adoption.

Thinking it through…
Amaris Ministries offers:

Unbiased, pressure-free, counseling to help you decide what is best for you and your baby.

Resources and referrals for help with things such as maternity clothes, baby supplies and parenting classes.

Spiritual support, pointing to Jesus Christ as the source of comfort, forgiveness, strength, and wisdom.

Assistance in walking through an open/independent adoption process.

(All services for birth parents are free!)