Pregnancy/Birthparent Resources


Real Hope Center
Debra Ellett, Director
945 Aurora Drive, El Centro, CA 92243
(760) 352-2253

Birth Choice of Imperial Valley
229 S. 8th Street, #C, El Centro, CA 92243
(760) 352-2881


An online support group for birthparents.

National Christian Adoption Fellowship
Check out stories of women from all walks of life who faced an unplanned pregnancy.

Stand Up Girl
Share the truth about your unplanned pregnancy.

Life Issues Institute
Offers educational information on abortion and other issues in the pro-life movement.

Cord Blood Banking
Information on the costs of private and public cord blood banking.

Recommended Reading

Unplanned Pregnancy
The Parents Without Partners Sourcebook” by Stephen L. Atlas
Pregnant Too Soon” by Jeanne Warren Lindsay
Mom…I’m Pregnant” by Beverly O’Brien

Adoption from the Birthparent’s View
To Keera With Love” by Kayla M. Becker
The Missing Piece” by Lee Ezell
Just Like Ice Cream” by Lissa Halls Johnson
Should I Keep My Baby?” by Martha Zimmerman

Adoption From Birth Grandparent’s View
Parents, Pregnant Teens and the Adoption Option” by Jeanne Warren Lindsay

Abortion Issues
When You Were Formed In Secret” by Gary Bergel
Abortion, The Personal Dilemma” by R.F.R. Gardner
Who Broke the Baby?” by Jean Staker Garton
The Least of These” by Curt Young