Unplanned Pregnancy: Birthparent Program

Are you a young woman or couple facing an unplanned pregnancy? Are you scared and unsure if you’re ready to be a parent? We know you have some life-changing decisions to make for you and your baby. You may want to make a parenting plan or an adoption plan and you may need resources for whatever path you choose for you and your baby.

Amaris Ministries is committed to helping birth mothers and fathers make positive choices for themselves and their child. We provide counseling and other resources in a confidential, pressure-free environment.

What if I’m unsure about adoption?
Most women aren’t sure about their decision when they contact us. We can help you get information so that you can take your time to decide if adoption is a good choice for you and your baby.

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While much of our work relates to adoption, we affirm that adoption is not right for everyone. We encourage women to consider their resources for parenting as well, trusting that God has a plan for each one of us. The first priority is to keep the family intact – the birthmother and the child – so that the whole family can be redeemed. We will help the mother understand that the only reason to place her baby for adoption is if she sincerely doesn’t feel qualified to parent.

If you or someone you know is pregnant and unsure of what to do, please call us at Amaris Ministries at 760-337-9444 or us at . We can help you find the resources you need within our community.

God bless you as you work to make good choices for yourself and your child.