How Long Will it Take?

Once you have completed the entire application process and have a profile ready with us, there is no waiting list.

Your profile will be shown to any birth mother looking for your particular profile. The more specific you are about the child you want, the longer your wait could be. You may be chosen right away, or you may have to wait a while.

How Much Will it Cost?

Every adoption is different, but here are some general guidelines for expenses:

Amaris Adoptions – Free (as long as we are able to afford that!)

Home study - $2500 - $4500

Training - $25 - $500

Attorney Fees - $2500 - $7500 (for an uncontested adoption)

Adoption Service Provider - $750 - $1000

Travel (if the birth mother is out of town/state) - unknown

Birth Mother Maternity Expenses - $0 - $?

Medical – If a birth mother has private insurance, there may be co-pays or deductibles to pay. If she doesn’t have insurance and cannot receive MediCal, then her pre-natal and labor & delivery costs may need to be covered by the adoptive couple.

Maternity Clothing - $0 - $500

Housing & Living Expenses – If a birth mother is in need of housing, the expense can be covered by the adoptive couple for the last 3 months of the pregnancy and 2-3 months after, depending on whether a C-section is involved.