What is Open Adoption?

First, we want to make it very clear that we are NOT a licensed adoption agency, nor do we feel the need to replace that service. Our outreach is to women who, for whatever reasons, are faced with unplanned pregnancies. It is our belief that every unborn baby has the right to life, and we encourage girls to continue with their pregnancies rather than opt for abortion.

Whatever plan a mother should choose for herself, or her baby, we will help her with a variety of referrals. Most mothers choose to keep their babies and raise them alone or with the help of their families. A few choose to place their babies in a family for adoption. We feel that every possible attempt should be exhausted to keep a child within its birth family before adoption is considered.

The state of California provides two ways for a mother to place her baby for adoption. One is the relinquishment of her right to the child to a licensed adoption agency. The other way is called a “private” or “independent” adoption. This is done without a private agency, using instead the state Department of Social Services to complete the adoption with the help of an attorney.

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

In either adoption, the birth mother may choose for herself the family with whom her baby will be placed. Only agencies or birth parents can place a baby for adoption. In many cases, a birth mother doesn’t know of a family who would take her baby. This is where Amaris Adoptions can assist her.

Amaris Adoptions is an outreach to help young women find homes for their babies. We are not a service to help find babies for adoptive families. There is a difference. Our aim is to help make the adoption process as easy as we can for the birth mother and her family. It is for that reason that we have chosen to work with “open,” private adoption.

An “open” private adoption is one where the birth mother not only chooses the family for her baby, but meets them and has the peace of knowing that this is the family she wants for her child. The amount of “openness” is determined by the birth mother and the adoptive family that is chosen. There are only a few birth mothers who don’t want to know about the adoptive family for their child. Many birth mothers even request pictures throughout their child’s life.

Open adoption encompasses a broad spectrum of contact between the birth and adoptive family. The Child Welfare Information Gateway lists articles on open adoption that we suggest you read as you pray about what level of openness you are comfortable with. You may wish to look into adoption support groups or speak with families who had open adoptions. Many families are apprehensive when considering open adoption and become more comfortable as they become educated about what it means to your child and your family.

Contrary to what many believe, a birth mother will never forget her baby. She has made a loving choice to choose a family, and to give her child the opportunity to have information about his/her adoption when he/she needs to know.

We hold birth mothers in very high esteem for making such a difficult and loving decision. We hope you will prayerfully consider working with us and making yourself available to be a blessing to a birth mother who comes to us in her time of need.