The Open Adoption Process

First, we want to make it clear that Amaris Adoptions is NOT a licensed adoption agency. Our ministry is for women or couples who are faced with unplanned pregnancies. It is our belief that every unborn baby has the right to life and we strongly encourage girls to continue with their pregnancies, rather than opt for abortion. We are here to help with and give referrals for whatever plan a mother chooses for herself and her baby, whether that is a parenting plan or an adoption plan.

Why choose Open Adoption?

We believe it is the healthiest situation for all members of the adoption triad.

The purpose of open adoption is to comfort and encourage you with the knowledge of your child’s well-being, to provide answers for the child and to empower the adoptive parents in raising their child.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more.

The state of California provides two ways for a mother to place her baby for adoption. One way is by relinquishing her rights to the child to a licensed adoption agency. The second way is a “private” or “independent” adoption. Either way, the birthmother can choose the family herself and place the child directly with them.

Many times a birth mother does not know a family she could place her baby with, which is where Amaris Adoptions comes in. Adoption has changed over the years. Today’s adoptions are referred to as “open” adoptions, where a woman selects and meets a family before making the decision about who will nurture her child. The birth mother can decide the type of ongoing contact she wants to have with the adopting family, whether it is through pictures, letters, emails or visitations. She is able to get to know her child and over time her child will know about her and will always know how much she cared – because she chose a loving family for them.

The first thing a woman with an unplanned pregnancy will do when working with Amaris Adoptions is receive counseling in a confidential and pressure free environment. Pregnancy resources will be provided or referred. All options for keeping and parenting the child will be explored. If, after extensive counseling, the woman chooses to create an adoption plan for her baby, Amaris Adoptions will then provide her with profiles of pre-screened Christian families desiring to adopt.

After the birth mother thoughtfully selects a family for her baby, Amaris Adoptions will arrange for a meeting between them. If, after meeting, both parties agree to the adoption, Amaris Adoptions will help guide both parties through the adoption process. This includes providing referrals for attorneys, social workers, parenting classes, etc.

In an open adoption, the parental rights of biological parents are terminated, as they are in “closed adoptions,” and the adoptive parents become the legal parents, yet the parties may elect to remain in contact. The amount of “openness” and post-placement contact in each adoption is pre-determined and agreed upon by the birth mother and the adoptive family.

Adoption is completely free for a birth mother, and our time, even if she chooses to parent, is free. If she needs help, adopting families can legally help with pregnancy-related expenses such as medical bills, counseling for both birthparents, maternity clothes and living expenses.

Adoption is about loving your baby so much that you give them the world, being mature enough to admit that you are not ready to parent, and responsible enough to choose the right family to care for your child. It gives you the opportunity to create a life for you and your child that you both can live with. If you’d like to learn more about the loving option of adoption, with no obligations, call us at 760-337-9444 or us at .